Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome / Välkommen

This blog will be totally dedicated to a passion of mine... Reading! I have been in love of books ever since I started to read at 6. If my parents couldn't find me a sure place to look was the toilet as that was the only place I felt I could take my book and read undisturbed... till my legs were all numb!
So living away from Sweden I crave reading Swedish books, which I do get sent down to me on a regular basis from my mum. She has bought me books from the time I could read and continue to do so almost 40 years later, god bless her!
The end result of my mum's beautiful nature and a fantastic sister who has also supplied me with Swedish books, is a library of an assortment of books in Swedish. So instead of storing them on bookshelves and in boxes in the garage I thought it would be so much better if I can share these with others in the same position as myself.
My aim is to have new books for people to buy, as well as second hand books that not only I can sell but also others to be able to post here of books they wish to sell, buy or swap.
How I am going to do so I am currently working out, but I want it to be easy, cheap and fun!
So stay tuned to see all categories of books, be it for the little ones to adults, bibliographies to thrillers etc.

Hej så länge!

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